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People management, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises
Ningbo KonRun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, always adhere to the implementation of the "people-oriented"management philosophy, and make it enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of key enterprises.


Cited only channels open up, invite talented people to join the Quartet
Ningbo KonRun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. actively widen the channels cited only take "two into the multi-channel" all-round way of argument before.One is into all kinds of high-level talent market, companies need to attract qualified staff;Second, into the institutions of higher learning, participation, such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University and other institutions of higher education human dialogue, and talents to negotiate, communicate, two-way choice;And the establishment of Zhukun college scholarships, signing Yucai, cited only agreement to resolve the KonRun source of the problem of talent development.In addition, through international cooperation, the search firm, the establishment of site personnel and other channels attract talent.


Let go with talent and realize the rational allocations of human post
Ningbo KonRun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Adhere to the "Sage of the home, the wise home side, those who can afford the middle, top work by" employing the principle of,Establish a "Cadres, staff can be hired, organizations can set up to withdraw, high and low income can be"four to "employment mechanism.Designed by the staff career development planning, combined with performance evalsuation, education and training, job rotation exercise and other implementation of the system,Used to create a good environment and healthy competition before incentives.


Great efforts to cultivate talents, implementation of joint development plan
Ningbo KonRun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is now a perfect three-level training management system;Establish a pre-job training, job training, job training and self-development in one of the all-round, multi-level training and development system;To participate in domestic and international training and study a combination of talent development approach;Tak Yun established internal training instructors machine set, full use of internal resources, and tap potential talent;Formation of Germany in Hong Yun machine vocational training schools for the growth of skilled personnel, talent, success provide the service.While use of university teachers, nurturing enterprise talent, such as jointly held with the Beijing University MBA EMBA education classes also use university teachers, cultivate talents, such as jointly held with the Beijing University MBA EMBA education classes, organized jointly with Shanghai Jiaotong University MBA seminar, with the Shanghai Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Fu Chi to create a joint team of senior professional managers, and electrical training courses jointly organized by Xi'an Jiaotong University, etc. for the training of personnel to provide a platform that allows employees to grow with the business.


Create retention environment, maintaining the core competitiveness of enterprises
Ningbo KonRun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.Implementation of the "feelings, cause, treatment, culture keep people " in the retention strategy.Condolences to the leadership on a regular basis as established home of workers, construction experts floor, good staff canteen, the organization over the weekend and calligraphy cinema photography, sports competitions, and enhance staff the corporate identity, so that the sentiments;Designed to help employees career development planning and implementation, people have a sense of accomplishment and pride the cause, resulting in a "business my glory, corporate bad I shame, "the sense of responsibility and sense of belonging, so to stay in business People;Continuous reform pay system, the implementation of paid vacation, full implementation of the insured, the lifting of personnel "worries", so to pay and conditions;Continue to strengthen the enterprise culture, adhere to the "people-oriented"management philosophy, to keep people of culture.


Strengthening the system of innovation, system innovation, as cited before, with the recruitment, training, retention protection
Ningbo KonRun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.Formulated the "Measures for the Administration of human resource recruitment" "Staff promoted the implementation details, ""In-service education and training of staff management ",《Staff performance appraisal management, "and so more than twenty system,Combined with the development of enterprises on a regular basis and innovation to perfect the system to system as cited before, with the recruitment, training, retention protection.


Establishing post-doctoral research station, cultivating core competitiveness
To meet the needs of enterprise development, approved by the State Ministry of Personnel, Hong Yun Machinery Co., Ltd. in April 2000 in the domestic industry was established in the first post-doctoral research station.Now, the enterprise has formed a doctoral, master's, undergraduate, graduate college talent as the main form of the pyramid structure and T-type talent cultivation and use of systems.


"Welcome to Wikipedia, so that dragon off; thousands of boats compete in, he was first to Beat. "
Ningbo KonRun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is the concept of this talent and will continue to promote the health of the enterprise, high-speed development. "