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Business purposes

Industrial and pragmatic  Brand Innovation


Through our hard work; casting a brilliant career; build a warm community.


Staff beliefs

Create business efficiency Realize the value of life


Enterprise belief

Customer First—The customer is our god, is the source of our growth, we have to take the feelings of parents like to treat every customer.

Our employees—Companies in the attitude of employers do not doubt the trust of every employee and are concerned about their growth, so that everyone apply their knowledge.

Excellent sound—Healthy development is the consistent policy, we will never allow enterprises have exaggerated, unrealistic, Yun now take a type of development.

Love each other—People loves each other like family, and KonRun growth in the development of the Chinese Communists.


Life skills and convictions

Practical and pragmatic—Real business results is a measure of a business, a person of social importance of the criteria.To explain the results of operations personnel with the quality and potential, is the most scientific and most objective.Therefore, the down to earth dedicated their jobs, enhance efficiency and stability is our faith.Even opportunistic success achieved we will never advocate.



Sincere and trustworthy Say what

Honesty and credit is the conduct of the business, enterprises and employees, businesses and customers, as well as staff and employees to be humble, sincere, down to earth, and say what.


Quality Policy

Quality of the pursuit of excellence; sincere service forever.


Institutions slogan

Quality first, continuous improvement; diligence and frugality, sustainable development; the same boat, to create brilliant.